3 Ways Australians Can Play Responsibly in Online Casinos3 Ways Australians Can Play Responsibly in Online Casinos

How Aussies Can Gamble Responsibly in Online Casinos

In the bustling modern world of traffic-packed early mornings and late night work shifts, everyone is constantly stressed out about something or the other. Thankfully, relief is only a button push awaywith the immense popularity of smartphones came the rise of online casinos, a favourite Australian way of winding down.

That said, like everything in life, one should always play only in moderation. The thrill of gambling could be enjoyable to some, but addictive to others, and it’s important to be able to tell when you have a gambling problem. Here are some methods that fellow Australians can use to keep themselves in line.

Contact Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation or Gambler’s Help

One of the more active foundations out there, Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation helps Victorians be aware of their gambling habits through counselling, peer support, and early prevention via community education.

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation funds Gambler’s Help, which provides players with a hotline that’s free to call and contactable 24/7 (1800 858 858). Otherwise, players could visit a physical help centre close to their homes by arranging for an appointment with counsellors. A long list of centres could be found on their website, so all one would have to do is to figure out which ones are the most suitable for them.

Friends and family members of problem gamblers could also contact Gambler’s Help to find out what they can do to help a loved one.

Limit Your Gaming Habits

Most online casinos now openly support responsible gaming, and have various features on their sites to help players to bet responsibly.

While the regulations for online casinos vary greatly from casino to casino based on the governing laws of the country the casino is licensed under, players might be able to find a few more common features, which are Self-Exclusion functions, and time and money limitations.

Self-Exclusion helps players resolve their excessive gambling habits through excluding them entirely from all online casinos under the jurisdiction of the laws in a certain country. When a player chooses to self-exclude, their existing accounts with online casinos will be shut down and other online casinos will not be able to accept them as a new player.

Otherwise, players can also set limits to how much they can deposit at a time, as well as the time spent in a single session of gaming. The effectivity of all of these features is dependent on the players and how determined they are to gamble responsibly.

Attend a Gamblers Anonymous Meeting

We’ve all heard of the phrase, there is strength in numbers. As far as responsible gaming goes, players may find solace and determination from a group of people who are facing the same problem as they are.

Organising over 130 meetings a week, Gamblers Anonymous ensures that players all over Australia would be able to seek help should they need it. There are no fees imposed upon attendees- all players would have to do is to choose a meeting location and time that they would be able to attend, and contact the persons-in-charge.

It’s important to note that players would not be pressured into sharing details about their lives that they are not comfortable telling- so don’t worry!

Gambling can be exciting, but the moment it starts to affect your everyday life is when you should perhaps consider cutting back. Depending on the player, any one of these methods can be effective to starting on the road to recovery. Besides that, find out What Not To Do in Online Casinos . If you would like to read on, visit internetgamblingcasinos.org

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