Australian Slang: Understand Gambling Terms in Australian CasinosAustralian Slang: Understand Gambling Terms in Australian Casinos

Get to Know some Aussie Gambling Terms

As the gambling industry expands, new gambling terms tend to surface from different communities. Gamblers in Australia (and New Zealand) in particular, have managed to come up with a number of interesting gambling terms or slang. Some of them may sound vaguely familiar, while others may sound completely foreign, but fret not, as we’ll talk about some of the most common Aussie Slang in gambling in this article.


If you’ve been to enough Australian online casinos, or if you’ve just gambled long enough in Australia, you may have already heard of the term ‘pokies’. Pokies are just another term for slot machines in Australia. There have been speculations that the term came from the first syllable ‘pok’ from the word ‘poker machine’ and has since evolved into ‘pokie’. The real reason as to why slots are called pokie however, cannot be confirmed due to its long history.

Slots and pokies are essentially the same thing, only referred differently by people from different parts of the world. Due to its popularity, slots actually do have different names in other countries in addition to ‘slots’ and ‘pokies’, but that’s a story for another time.


Scratchy (or scratchies) is yet another popular slang in Australia. Yes, you’ve guessed it, scratchy stands for scratch lottery ticket or instant lottery ticket. It’s a lottery game featuring a card with the winning results hidden beneath a plastic film where players will need to scratch off to find out if they have the winning combination.

It’s a rather straightforward term, with just a slight twist to it to localise the term.


This one is a bit more difficult to guess, but the term actually stands for a person who gambles or places risky bets. Be careful with this term, though, as it could be derogatory depending on the context and the person you’re saying it or receiving it from. The term is better to be used in a casual setting between close friends rather than with a random stranger in the casino. The term reportedly came about from rugby in the 1800s. The justification being that the act of ‘punting a ball’ (initially bunt, which means pushing or butting with the players’ head) gives players the uncertainty of where the ball is going to go, thus, the term was adopted by gamblers to describe other gamblers.

This term is widely used not just in the gambling community within Australia, but also in the UK and New Zealand. If you thought that was weird, wait til you check out the ‘3 Weirdest Casino Locations in Australia’ .

There’s no definite way to keep up with the seemingly unending stream of new terms in the world of gambling. However, this article can be a starting point for Australians who have just begun gambling recently. If you are new and you’d like to know more about the gambling industry in Australia, You might want to check out ‘Tips on Choosing the Right Casino to Play In’ . Read more articles like these from ‘’ to gain more casino insights.

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