3 Australian-themed Games You Should Play in Online Casinos3 Australian-themed Games You Should Play in Online Casinos

3 Games Australians should Try in Online Casinos

Themed-games are the norm in online casinos, and while you may find themes like animal, Asian, and Egyptian games easily, how often do you come across an Australian-themed game? As the online gambling industry in Australia grows, more and more Australian-themed games are starting to emerge. Although the number of Australian-themed games are fairly limited at the moment, we’ve listed out several 3 Australian-themed casino games all Australians should try out the next time they play in an online casino.

Aussie Rules

You’ll know that it doesn’t get any more Australian than this from the title of this pokie. Football enthusiasts will be thrilled to play this online pokie game by Rival Gaming. The game contains 5 reels and 15 adjustable paylines, alongside detailed animation and captivating graphics that will be sure to keep you in your seat for the next few hours of fun. The game also contains special features like wild, scatter symbols and free spins round to spice up the game.

Kangaroo Land

You’ll definitely enjoy this game if you’re an animal lover. Kangaroo, one of the most famous animals most people would associate with Australia, is the main character in this pokie. You’ll also be able to find a few other popular residents of Australia like the koala, a Duck billed Platypus, ostriches as well as the Cockatoos. The game uses these animals as icons for special features like wild and scatter symbols to present the exquisite illustrations. With 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines, the game manages to showcase the beauty of wildlife in Australia all in a pokie game.

Australian Blackjack

Blackjack, a famous game across the globe, has its own variation in Australia. Australian Blackjack, while similar to the usual Blackjack game, has its own set of rules governing the game. It is advisable to begin with the original Blackjack if you’re fairly unfamiliar with the game, before you try out Australian Blackjack to compare the two.

Depending on the region you’re at, the rules of Australian Blackjack may vary. Among the areas at which the rules may differ include the number of decks played in the game, whether if the dealer hits or stands when they’re at soft 17, re-splitting aces as well as how many times players can split hands. As for online casinos, various Australian casinos do offer players the option to play Australian Blackjack instead of the usual Blackjack.

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Although there are other Australian-themed games out there, these three games will be a great starting point for those who have not tried out any Australian-themed casino games before this. If you do find this genre appealing however, we highly suggest you to continue on this less-explored path to uncover more Australian-themed games. While you’re at it, why not check out ‘4 Australian Snacks You Should Munch On in your Next Game of Online Blackjack’ .

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