3 Weirdest Casino Locations in Australia3 Weirdest Casino Locations in Australia

Odd Casino Locations in Australia

Whether if you’re tired of gambling in the usual landed casinos, or if you’re just an adventurous soul in search for something exciting to spice up your daily life, we’ve got you covered. There’s just so much a casino can offer in terms of the atmosphere and selection of games when it comes to getting the players to come back for more. Well, some of the casinos have decided to take it up a notch by building their casinos in Australia’s weirdest and most unique locations around the country. Before that, you

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Desert Cave Hote

Situated in the middle of the town of Coober Pedy, it’s one of the most isolated casino you can ever find in Australia. Located deep within the desert – about 850 km (528 miles) drive from the city of Adelaide, this casino resides deep underground in the Desert Cave Hotel. In the midst of the extreme heat, this region is famous for opal mining and for workers and visitors alike to escape the unbearable heat.

Carved out from the rocky desert, this underground casino has around 16 poker machines for players to choose from, which is fairly limited for a land-based casino. However, its jaw-dropping architecture will definitely provide you with a unique gambling experience worth remembering, although it’s not as glamorous or as luxurious as the usual landed casinos.

Treasury Casino and Hotel

Treasury Casino and Hotel is located in the heart of Brisbane. Housed in a historical building, Treasury Casino provides a wide selection of games for players to choose from, with over 100 gaming tables as well as more than 1500 poker machines. The historical structure of the building may be one of the reason why it gives off an entirely unique vibe than that of a normal casino or hotel.

If you’re ever visiting the city of Brisbane, give Treasury Casino a visit! Marvel at this historically-rich atmosphere while you gamble your night away. This eye-catching building will be a sight difficult to miss with its century-old majestic architecture.

Casino Jet Lounge

Forget about landed and online casinos, now you may even go to one mid-air! The Casino Jet Lounge, developed in France, conceptualised designs to include game tables and lounges into a Boeing 777 aircraft.

Despite being an ongoing project, Australia’s Qantas Airlines Ltd. has already jumped into the bandwagon to include this casino into their Airbus A380 planes. Once this project comes to fruition, Australians will get a taste of what it’s like to place a wager high up in the sky.

These are only some of the weird casino locations in Australia, can you imagine what other weird casino locations there are all over the world? As gambling becomes more widespread, it’s getting increasingly difficult to predict where you’ll be able to find a casino. That’s for those who are adventurous enough to explore and find out.

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