Best Australian Snacks To Munch On in your Next Game of Online BlackjackBest Australian Snacks To Munch On in your Next Game of Online Blackjack

4 Tasty Aussie Snacks To Enjoy While You Spin Online Slots

Renowned for its wonderfully eccentric creatures such as kick-boxing kangaroos, sleepy koalas, and giant spiders, Australia is home to all that is weirdly delightful. Besides the local habitat, however, Australia is also known for its wonderful, and possibly even slightly eccentric, munchies.

There just isn’t any better feeling than sitting down after a long day to a good helping of these snacks and a good game of online blackjack. Here are some of the best snacks from down under to enjoy while you spin some online slots- don’t worry, all munchies on this list are strictly fuss- and crumb-free.

#1 Pods

No, not tide pods, but the original and actually edible Pods. We’ve all heard of other popular Australian treats, such as Tim Tams and Twisties, but until you’ve tried Pods, you really can’t say that you’ve had the authentic Australian experience.

Having collaborated with well-loved treats like Mars, Snickers and Twix, you can be sure that Pods pack a mighty good punch of flavour that you’ll definitely enjoy in between card games. A balanced mix between crunch and creamy goodness, Pods are a bite-sized treat that you’ll love from the very first bite.

#2 Minties

If you aren’t a fan of chocolate (as difficult as that is to imagine), this Aussie snack may be the snack that you’ve been looking for. Minties are somewhere between gum and candy, chewy, sticky, and 100% delightful.

Beware though, as Minties are famous none other than their stickiness. If you have dental fillings or a loose tooth, you might want to be more cautious when chewing on a Minty, as they are notorious for being so sticky that they pull them all out.

#3 Milo

Originally only sold as a malt and chocolate powder, Milo was so popular that it has since been produced as a variety of other products, such as breakfast cereal, a chocolate bar, and even in cube form.

Milo is usually mixed into a nice warm chocolate-y drink, but it’s so delicious that you might not be able to stop yourself from using it to top every other dish that you’re enjoying, from ice-cream to warm, buttered toast. What better time to try out addictive food combos than in a thrilling game of blackjack?

#4 Cheesy Bacon Scrolls

If you haven’t got much in the way of a sweet tooth, don’t worry! You’ll love the Aussies’ cheesy bacon scrolls. Exactly as its name states, these little pillow-y buns are filled with cheese and bacon bits, making it the perfect savoury treat while spinning virtual slots.

Fuss- and crumb-free, this snack can even double as a small meal for the times when we aren’t hungry enough for a proper meal, but still a little peckish.

If you can’t choose between these scrumptious munchies, you might need to buy them all to try them out. Trust us on this, once you try these snacks, you won’t go back to anything else! If you’re not that big of a foodie however, check out these Australian drinks and find out which type of casino game you’ll love best ! For more articles like these, check out

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