What First-Time Players Need to Know Before Hitting Online Casinos

It’s barely a secret that us Aussies love a good time, and, according to various reports, pokie games are one of our favourite ways to let off some steam. In the past decade or so, when the popularity of mobile phones have reached an all-time high, online casinos are also booming in business.

If you’re a new player in online casinos, here’s a list of things players should know before playing in an online casino.

Responsible Gaming Organisations

One of the biggest differences between playing online and in-person at a casino is that help is literally one click away. Gambling could be very addictive, which is why it is important for players to know where they can get help from if they need it. For Australians in particular, there are several organisations they can get in touch with:

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation focuses primarily on prevention methods and early intervention, and helps Victorians who are affected by excessive gambling, including the player themselves and their friends and family members. Reach them by phone at 1800 858 858 or at their website https://responsiblegambling.vic.gov.au/.

If, however, you’re not from Victoria, you could also try Gamble Aware, where players from all over the world could contact them if they’re in need of help. While Gamble Aware is technically a British organisation, it is still possible to seek help from them by the live chat feature on their website https://www.begambleaware.org/ or via a call at 0808 8020 133.

Do Your Research

Just like landed casinos, the quality of online casinos can vary from site to site, and in some cases even be a complete scam.

Luckily for online players, there are just as many sites dedicated to reviews of online casinos and their legitimacy. In fact, these reviews usually include more details about the casino, such as the quality of their customer service, promotions, withdrawal and deposit methods, which could greatly affect your experience with the online casino.

While researching, players should also cross-check reviews from different people and sites as illegitimate casinos do sometimes fake reviews to entice other players to join. Otherwise, players could take their research to some of the more trustworthy and well-known review sites, such as AskGamblers.

Be Aware of the House Advantage

As players gradually delve deeper into the industry, they would come across the words ‘house advantage’ quite often.

House advantage, also known as house edge, is defined as the advantage that the casino, or the house, has over the player. In most games, the casino will always have the upper hand, to ensure that in the long run, the casino will profit off of players’ bets.

It’s not mandatory for online casinos to show what the house edge of each game is, but there are some casinos that display the house edge, or the rate of bets that are returned to the player (RTP rate). This would help players- especially newer players- gauge what their chances are of hitting a win, until they gain more experience to judge the house edge themselves.

New players to the world of online gambling would be able to play safely if they follow all the steps above. Online gaming is an easy and exciting way to pass time, and could even be educational when it comes to certain card games that require a degree of strategy, such as poker and blackjack.

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